Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is she the kind to take the bus?

The Sue Lowden campaign continues to entertain.  Today she stand accused of having taken an excessive in-kind contribution in the form of a really ugly RV.  The story has legs in part because of her reaction:

The tan 2001 Monaco, complete with kitchen, shower and bed, was bought by Giudici, a former casino owner, in May 2009 from a Montana dealer, according to a public database of vehicle registrations.
A few months later, Lowden entered the race and became the front-runner, a status assured in part by the big bus that the campaign had wrapped in a colorful advertisement for her.
In a recent TV appearance, Lowden said a supporter had donated it to her.
The campaign has offered shifting explanations for the bus’s ownership.
Charles Spies, an attorney for the campaign, wrote in an e-mail last week: “The RV is titled in its owner’s name (not Sue Lowden or Lowden for Senate).”

Is that the end?  Nope.

In response to a records request, however, the DMV confirmed that Lowden is a titleholder with Giudici, indicating co-ownership status.
Later, the Lowden attorney sent a follow-up e-mail: “Although (Lowden) is not the owner of the vehicle (but instead is using it through a private lease agreement), (Lowden) and the owner are on the registration for insurance purposes.” 

Some points:

First, don't sandbag your lawyer.  

Second, if you feel the need to weave a story or prevaricate, have your press secretary do it.

Third, don't answer questions about legal issues if you haven't already been briefed by your lawyer.  

It seems the "edit" function in the speech centers of Sue Lowden's brain has been disabled. But if you're running for the U.S. Senate it isn't too much to ask that you exercise a little self discipline. 

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